Avoiding Entrapment

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Entrapment is suction from an outlet that can hold someone under water who is unable to break away. Entrapment is avoidable by ensuring that your pool or spa meets certain standards. The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals recommends the following precautions to prevent the hazard of suction entrapment.

  • Replace drain covers in both pools and spas that are missing or broken or just too old. Have these replaced by up-to-date covers that are compliant with the new ANSI/ASME test standard.
  • Never let anyone swim alone, especially a child. A responsible adult should always be actively watching the child.
  • Never run your pump at higher speeds than the recommended maximum. High velocity can contribute to increased suction and possible entrapment.
  • Make sure your pool or spa is protected by locked doors and / or gates to keep out small children and animals.
  • Make sure the emergency shut-off switch is clearly marked by a permanent sign, easily visible in the pool or spa area.
  • Discourage people from swimming around or near the drains and suction fittings, especially the main drain.
  • Have your pool or spa inspected by a licensed industry professional.


We at CCH Pools take pool safety very seriously. If you have any questions or comments about pool safety please reply to this post and we’ll get right back to you.

Check back next week when we write about a fun online game your kids can play to learn about pool safety.

Swimming Grows Minds

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According to a recent Australian Study, children who took swimming lessons at an early age achieved significant developmental milestones earlier than their non-swimming peers.

According to PoolSpaNews.com the research was conducted over 3 years to further validate the findings or refute them. The study found that those children scored higher in tests and were generally better coordinated. Over 200 kids were put through tests to validate the surveys the study conducted of 7,000 young swimmers under age 5.

Swimming pools are a great enhancement to not only your life and property value but the lives of your children as well. Learning to swim is an invaluable asset that is now proven to provide both physical and cognitive enhancements. What better way to provide your kids (and yourself) with a fun place to hang out, stay fit and give them the head-start they need.

Give CCH Pools of Longview, Texas a call today to see what Kevin Mitchell and his crew can do for you.

For more information about the study please visit Pool Spa News.

Benefits of Exercising in Water

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There is overwhelming evidence of the benefits of exercising in water. Pool exercise is perfect for a low-impact, resistance-based workout. The exercise still provides all the key benefits of regular exercise (i.e. stress relief by releasing key chemicals in the body and more) with a few more added benefits such as:

  • Working out in a pool is a great way to build up cardio endurance. Cooler water causes the blood to move faster through the body to help warm it up, couple that with an aerobic activity and you should see boosted cardiovascular gains over time.
  • Pool work outs are great for your strength training rest days. The lack of impact on joints and muscles helps keep you active on those days when you are letting your muscles heal and repair from the previous days workout.
  • Pool work outs can be fun. The buoyancy of the water allows you to workout in any position you want without fear of falling or sustaining an injury. The constant resistance will help build muscle as you do whatever activity in the pool you want.
  • According to SwimmingPool.com, the average 30 minute pool workout burns about 300 Calories. It takes burning about 3,500 calories to eliminate a pound of body fat. If you work out multiple times per week you should see measurable weight loss quickly without the impact on muscles and joints of normal cardio exercise.
  • Working out in your own pool provides you that level of privacy and safety to personally go after those fitness goals.


Pool exercise is ideal for a variety of reasons providing you a safe, low-impact and fun exercise regime that will help you see results faster in the privacy of your own backyard oasis. Give Kevin Mitchell at CCH Pools a call today to see what we can do about building you that perfect exercise / beautiful backyard escape.

Go Big but keep it small?

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Another trend in 2014 for leading pool design and construction is the concept of “Go Big at Home,” according to SwimmingPool.com’s blog.

This trend doesn’t mean to build the biggest pool possible, but build a pool with all of the big pool features. Waterfalls, rock features, and custom lighting are just some of the more desired features. Build a pool that is an escape from the mundane “same ole, same ole” and will provide you an exceptional space that transports you to your idea of relaxation and fun.
Whatever special features you can dream up, CCH Pools has the knowledge and experience to bring them to life.

No matter what space you have available, CCH Pools of Longview, Texas can build you a quality pool and we can go as “Big” as you want to. Visit our online quote form to answer some very simple questions to help give us an idea of exactly what you are looking for or give Kevin Mitchell a call today (903-738-5891) to discuss what we can do for you.

Exercise Pools

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One of the hottest trends in pool design for 2014 is exercise and wellness pools. Pools constructed to not only look good but provide a perfect space for exercise that is great for anyone from seasoned athletes to seniors who are seeking a low-impact exercise regime.

There are two main pool designs when it comes to exercise: pools featuring a resistance jet at one end and lap pools. The main component on choosing the right exercise pool will be available space.

A resistance pool can be built in a relatively small space because as you swim, the resistance jet keeps you in place. Resistance pools can be as small as seven feet wide by tweleve feet long, just enough to give you space to feel the current and exercise against it.

Lap Pools are the perfect option for anyone who has a larger amount of space. Generally, lap pools are typically rectangular and can be constructed to any length you desire. Lap pools don’t have to be boring though, with the popularity and aesthetic appeal of negative edge or infinity edge pools, lap pools can be both beautiful and functional.

So whether you are looking for a low impact exercise that will still add value to your life and home or seeking to train for your next triathlon, CCH Pools has the experience and expertise to build you the perfect exercise pool.

What do you think? Is the idea of an exercise pool appealing to you?

Make the Right Decision and Contact Our Swimming Pool Contractors in Texas

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Make the right decision and contact our swimming pool contractors in Texas. Our team can make sure your installation or repair needs are completed on time and on budget! Don’t hesitate to give us a call as soon as possible to get started with your free quote.

Let Our Team Provide the Best Custom Swimming Pools in Longview

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At CCH Pools, you’ll find a reliable and professional team to build your custom swimming pools in Longview. Our staff will be sure to advise on your design options and give you the tools to throw great pool parties next summer. Give us a call today to review our pricing options.

Allow Our Swimming Pool Construction Team in Longview Build the Best Design! Contact CCH Pools

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If you’re looking for a reliable team to provide a quality swimming Pool construction in Longview, CCH Pools is the answer! Our crew is professionally trained to offer the best end design. Contact us online to start with your free quote.

Ask Our Swimming Pool Contractors in Texas Which Design is Right for You!

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Do you have questions regarding building a swimming pool? CCH Pools can help! Our professional swimming pool contractors in Texas will be able to advise on the best designs and money saving options for your family. Let us provide the reliable answers to your questions and concerns!

East Texas Pool Owners Call Us When They Need a Trusted Swimming Pool Contractor

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So, you own a swimming pool and take advantage of it as often as possible. You are the envy of the neighborhood and at every opportunity invite friends over for some fun in the pool. Sometimes, at night, you like to just sit by the pool and reflect the day’s happenings. Basically, you just don’t know what life would be like without your pool. The only problem is it’s difficult to find the time, and energy, to keep up on the maintenance. What you need is a swimming pool contractor with the training and proper equipment that can service your pool at intervals of your choice.

As a pool owner, you want to make sure your pool is safe and clean. In order for this to happen, you must maintain a proper pH balance in your pool. Without proper chemical balances, your pool can turn into a real nightmare. Not only can we maintain proper chemical balance in your pool, we will also remove debris from your pool, clean and replace filters as needed and generally do all the necessary services critical to keeping your pool in top condition.

Our highly trained team can perform a variety of services and maintenance options on your pool on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedule. We have 28 years of experience in the industry and serve pool owners in East Texas.

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